Uber Wash Nano


Uber Wash: A revolutionary, multifunctional motorcycle cleaner formula. Along with outstanding safe cleaning properties, it has additional superpowers: Polishing metals, cleaning exhaust pipes and removing rust.

All in a single product! Whaat?


Uber Wash is what WD40 was for the industry: A Revolution.

Goal for Uber Wash was clear: Clean motorcycles better than any others, while maintaining the 100% skin balance(which was close to impossible). After all, what can’t hurt your skin will not hurt your ride. We did it.

Uber Wash Nano is made out of nano-sized organic materials that penetrates behind dirt and flushes them away from the surface. It’s designed to maintain the ideal pH balance as well, ensuring that it not only cleans effectively but also protects delicate surfaces from damage.

In general, pH balanced products lack the cleaning power that is available with acidic or alkali chemicals. Uber Wash changes that. An extremely powerful and safe cleaning, even under sun and hot engine conditions.

Additionally, it can also be used to remove rust, polish metals and exhaust pipes very effectively with a spray on/agitate application.

Extreme cleaning power

100% safe on all parts of the motorcycle, even hot engines & surfaces.

Removes rust and corrosion

Polishes metals and exhaust pipes

Biodegradable and skin friendly

Hybrid, nano particle formula

Since Uber Wash is 100% organic based, you can apply it onto any surface, in pure confidence. It will work safely even on hot engine parts or under sunlight.

Washing Instructions

Rinse your bike thoroughly before applying Uber Wash. If you have to, you can safely perform an Uber Wash without having to wait for engine to completely cool off.

Spray Uber Wash onto the entire bike and leave it for a minute. While spraying you can switch between foam or spray head for deeper areas.

Agitate any heavy dirt and grime with a sponge or RiderMade Detail Brush. Start from the top of your bike, going down to the dirtier lower areas.

Rinse thoroughly until you make sure you covered everywhere on your motorcycle. Use a quality microfibre towel to dry your bike.

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1L, 20L


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