Easy Coat Ceramic 30ML


RiderMade Easy Coat Ceramic is an easy applicable nano ceramic coating that combines ultimate nano technology with user friendly traditional coating methods.

  • 30ML Kit
  • Kit includes RiderMade Fiber Wipe & Scratch Remover for easy hand application of scratch removal.
  • 10H MoHs scale hardness


Zero Skill Ceramic Coating for High Gloss Protection

Easy Coat Ceramic Coating Kit comes bundled with the RiderMade Fiber Wipe and our Scratch Remover so that you can prep your bike for a perfect finish before coating.

As the name says, Easy Coat is incredibly easy to apply, making it perfect for beginners in ceramic coating application or those seeking a durable yet hassle-free solution. With good gloss retention, Easy Coat becomes the functional surface of the bike’s paintwork, and if applied correctly provides at least 18 months of protection.

Too Easy, Too Good

Easy Coat creates a hard crystalline film, which effectively guards against minor scratches caused by improper washing techniques on softer paint surfaces.

Easy Coat can be applied on almost areas of the bike, including matte paint. Avoid applying on the hot surfaces like engine parts.

Zero skill easy & fast application

Up to 18 months of protection

High gloss that lasts, water repellence

Durable, 10H MoHs scale hardness

Make sure the surface is clean and not a matte paint. Washing your bike with Uber Wash can be a great surface preparation.

Drop a small amount of Scratch Remover onto Fiber Wipe. Spread the scratch remover uniformly on the scratched areas with circular movements, mimicking a polishing machine.

Using the clean side of Fiber Wipe, buff off any residue of the scratch remover from the surface, making sure the surface is ready for ceramic coating application.

If you plan on using Fiber Wipe again for Easy Coat application, make sure you wash it at a temperature of 30°C with half the usual amount of detergent that does not contain bleach. 

Have a couple makeup/cosmetic pads ready for application. Soak the pad with several drops of Easy coat.

Close the lid of the bottle and put aside. Using the soaked pad, apply the coating onto the surface with overlapping and directional strokes. Change your pad after 2-3 applications.

Leave the coating cure for 1-2 minutes and wipe off all the residue with a clean microfiber towel. Let the product cure for 24 hours in a cool, dry place.

Do not wash your bike for 7 days application, as the product will final cure within that timeframe.

Can the Scratch Remover remove all scratches?
Scratch Remover is best for correcting minor scratches and swirls by hand application. If the scratches on the surface are deep enough that you can feel as you touch, they can not be removed by hand but a polishing machine.

How many times can I use the Easy Coat?
One 30ML bottle goes a long way. Depending on your application, 1 bottle can coat a fully faired motorcycle at least 2 times, covering all areas.

What is the lifespan of an opened bottle?
Once the bottle is opened, it must be used within 4 months.

Can Easy Coat be applied multiple times?
Yes, you can have multiple passes on application. However applying more than 2 times is going to be overkill and is not necessary.


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